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Places to visit - Wells Cathedral Somerset

Wells cathedral, built around 1175 began as a Catholic cathedral until the reign of King Henry 8th when he abolished Catholicism in order to obtain a divorce from Anne Boleyn. The Cathedral was built in the Gothic style and, to my reckoning, boasts three towers. It's a good sized Cathedral and I believe some of the stained glass in some of the windows is the original glass. There is an astronomical clock here which dates from around 1325 and is still in working order although I think the original mechanism has been replaced. The Cathedral is near Vicars Close, one of the oldest most picturesque streets in England, and is also near the Bishops Palace and moat.

Wells, although a small city, is worth a visit, and for anyone who is a fan of the comedy movie Hot Fuzz, you may recognise some of the buildings/landmarks as it was filmed here. There is a round blue plaque on the exterior wall of The Crown Inn acknowledging this.

Near by is Glastonbury, also worth a visit, as is the Clarks Village shopping outlet.

Below is a small selection of photos that I took on my recent visit.


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