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Places to visit in the UK - Worcester Cathedral

My daughter was keen for me to visit Worcester Cathedral with her, since it will be the place where her graduation day will take place when she finishes university. I have always wanted to go, as I love history, and since she was offering to drive, I was glad to tag along.

The cathedral is near the shopping area in Worcester, and not too far away from Foregate Street railway station. There is a lovely view of the cathedral from across the river Severn which you can see as you arrive in Worcester from Herefordshire.

We parked in a little car park a hundred or so yards away from the cathedral, and walked up. It was quite a wet and dreary day when we went, and cold too. Sadly, the cathedral is difficult to photograph from the outside as it is surrounded by other buildings, and, on the day we went, lots of cars and vans were parked outside it.

Inside it was warm and welcoming and much bigger than I had imagined. I had thought it would have been on a par with Hereford cathedral, but it is definitely bigger.

There is some beautiful stained glass in the cloisters, and if you like history it would be worth taking a little bit of time to look at these and read the inscriptions.

There are two members of royalty buried here. King Johns tomb is easily found in front of the high altar. The effigy carved onto his tomb dates from 1232 and actually depicts him from the time of his death. It is the oldest effigy in England. A few yards away, in the chantry, is the tomb of Prince Arthur Tudor, elder brother of King Henry 8th. Arthur died at the age of about 15, possibly from sweating sickness, TB, the plague or flu, nobody is quite certain. If he had survived, we would never know about the famous King Henry 8th.

I am looking forward to visiting again soon. If you want to take a look at some of the photos I took the day we went, click on the video below.


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