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Larry's Mobile Disco - a fantastic disco for everyone

Larry is a professional DJ who has been providing discos for a fairly long time now - actually, he provided the disco for my sisters wedding back in the late 80s when he was just starting out. He did a good job back then and that was partially why I booked him (I never forget good service). He really has come a long way since then with an impressive catalogue of music and an excellent lighting set up which is definitely on par, if not better, than other DJs I have seen at weddings and other parties..

Larry is really friendly and approachable and every song request we made last night he was happy to play for us.

Of course, at the start of every party no one wants to be the first one up on the dance floor, but Larry soon had people up dancing to the music he was playing and even those sitting in their seats were kind of dancing along whilst sitting.

With a great selection of music everyone had a fantastic evening, and I would thoroughly recommend Larry to anyone looking for a DJ for any party. I am so delighted with the disco he provided that I am going to be cheeky and let you all know that you can contact him here for further information if you are looking for a great DJ and disco. :-)

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