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Frequently asked questions

We are thinking of booking you, what happens next?

We will arrange a meeting at a venue of your choice to discuss your requirements.  This can include a free mini photo session of you and your partner if you wish, after which five high resoloution photographs will be emailed to you, or made available to you online for you to download.

Do we have to sign a contract?


Yes.  The contract is very straight forward and outlines the service you can expect from me, the package you have chosen and the agreed fee. Please note that no photography will be undertaken without a signed contract.



When do you require payment to be made?


The booking fee should be paid on the day of booking and the remaining balance should be paid 14 days before the wedding day.  (The booking fee is deducted from the final balance of your package).

The Booking fee:  how much is it, when is it due and why do we have to pay it?


Presently, the booking fee is £50 and is due as soon as your wedding date is booked.  The booking fee is charged to reserve and guarantee photographic services for the agreed wedding date (enquiries from other brides and groom for the same day of your wedding will thus be forfeited).



We have cancelled our wedding, will you return our booking fee?


Unfortunately the booking fee is non refundable.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or paypal.

We would like you to photograph our wedding and have a date in mind.  We have a very busy work/home life and may take a few weeks to get back to you to positively confirm that we want you to photograph our wedding.  Is this okay?

I cannot guarantee that the date you have in mind will still be free by the time you confirm you want to go ahead.  Confirmation of a booking is only guaranteed once the booking fee has been paid.



I have hired a videographer, will this pose a problem?


This should not pose a problem if the photographer and videographer agree on a plan to respect and appreciate each others goals and outcomes. 



What are the benefits of having two photographers at my wedding?


This would enable us to photograph both the bride and groom getting ready if at different locations, the ability to capture more candid shots at different view points and angles, increase the amount of photos produced etc.



What do you need from us to ensure we get the photos we want?

Compile a "shot list" of the photographs you would like and we will go through these and discuss them prior to the wedding - usually when we meet up again two weeks prior to the wedding.   

A rough timeline of planned events on your wedding day, such as time you and your guests will sit down for the wedding breakfast, first dance, speeches, cutting the cake, wedding quiz , throwing the bouquet / garter, Mr & Mrs quiz etc. 


On the day you should, ideally, appoint two members of the bridal party or your family to be able to gather everyone together for group shots, portraits etc.  The photographer can not be held responsible for anyone missing from your photos.


Please be prompt when called for photographs.  You will have a schedule to follow for the day, please make time for the formal and specially requested photographs to be taken.


Please be aware that everyone of your guests will want to take their own photos to remember your day.  This can sometimes hinder the photographer in their work.  I will endeavour to work around this to produce the best photographs that I can for you.



Do you require us to provide meals for you throughout the day?

No, you have enough to do already.  I will provide my own sandwich and drinks and take breaks at appropriate times.



Can you enhance facial features in close up shots?


Yes I can, although this can sometimes be a time consuming process and can not be done on every one of your photographs due to time constraints etc.  I would be happy to enhance up to five photographs of your choice at no extra cost.  Please let me know if you would like this.



How long will it take before we get our photographs?


I usually begin to work on editing the images as soon as possible.  The whole process can take up to a month.  I will inform you by email as soon as the online photo album is ready for you to view and will send the USB and back up CD to you via Royal Mail (or deliver them personally to you- whichever is easier) as soon as possible.  Once you have viewed your photographs you will then need to inform me which ones you would like prints of, or which ones you want to put in the photograph album (depending on your package) and I will arrange for this to be done as soon as possible.


What happens if we do not select the photos for our photobook within the time frame allocated?


If no photographs have been selected within 3 months of the preview gallery going live online, then a selection of photographs will be made on your behalf and will be supplied to you in the photobook agreed.


I need to contact you, how do I do this?


You can contact me several ways:


Phone: 07875953839




Private message on Facebook:


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