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Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire.

Well after the excitement of sitting in front of the TV yesterday watching Prince Harry tie the knot with Meghan Markle, I felt the need to get out again with the camera today. The weather continues to be lovely - perfect for photographing a few flowers.

Hampton Court Castle is one of my favourite places to visit in Herefordshire. It's been around longer than King Henry 8ths Hampton Court Palace and sits beside the River Lugg near Hope-Under-Dinmore. The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and boasts a sunken garden and a folly tower. They hold regular events here such as open air shows, birds of prey displays, medieval villages and battles, jousting, etc.

You can take a tour of the castle which contains lots of medieval armour and weapons not to mention beautiful rooms and a lovely little chapel. You can actually get married here too!

Swans can often be seen on the lake and there is a tiny waterfall in the stream that heads down to the River Lugg where, if you are very lucky, you might see an otter or two.

Sometimes you can see the dairy cows and their young in the field between the castle and the river. Some are quite inquizative and will come over as if to ask what you are doing.

This is such a relaxing place to visit. You can sit in the gardens and watch the world go by or take a walk along the river and after that you could have a lovely cup of tea and a bite to eat in the Orangery cafe.

Here are a few photos I took on my visit today.

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