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Changing the image

When we take a photograph, using creative modes, the image created in the camera is generally known as a raw image. You can set your camera to take a photograph in automatic mode which will produce a flattened Jpeg and whilst you can alter this photograph to some extent, you are more likely to be able to alter a raw image and obtain a better result. With Jpeg images, the more you tweak them and flatten them, the more of the original information you lose and the quality can become impaired. This is one of the reasons I always shoot in raw.

Shooting in raw means you can tweak things like the exposure, contrast, tone, sharpness etc and once you have acheived the look you want, you can continue to edit further in programmes such as Photoshop or Lightroom etc. These programmes usually come with presets, actions, overlays and other filters that you can use to enhance or completely change your images. The results you get can be very pleasing but it all does depend on your taste.

One of the things I enjoy about photography is the editing phase and as there are new techniques coming out all the time it certainly keeps me busy trying to learn and perfect them.

I recently photographed some of my daughters friends children and had a play around with some techniques I am still learning. Have a look at them below:-

I have changed the background on this image and added some bubbles to get this effect.

I have lightened the background here and added a little fairy.

I've added a couple of fairies to this one too.

I added a small rabbit to this one.

I've added a small Giraffe to this photo.

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