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A day out with the kids

I was hoping for good weather yesterday as I had arranged to take my nephew Alex and niece Libby out for the day. For the first part of the day we had a wander through Queens Wood along the Gruffalo trail and then after that headed back into town where we planned to do a little bit of shopping. Unfortunately the heavens opened and it rained so the kids decided they wanted to come back to my house to see Daisy and Tilly my Jack Russells so we did that for a little while. The weather then cleared up so we headed back out and popped in to Pizza Hut for lunch before going back into town and mooching round the shops (looking for a pair of sunglasses for my grand daughter Willow). All in all we had a good day together, with loads of laughter and a few photos along the way, some of which are below.

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