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Why I love London

I usually pop down to London a couple of times a year. Usually I go down to see a show in the West End (I can thoroughly recommend Kinky Boots and Wicked, although I saw Wicked in New York) or just to visit all the historical sites. I usually stay about two minutes walk from Westminster Bridge and the London Eye, so getting to the places I want to see is really easy by foot. If I want to go further afield you can't beat the hop on hop off buses.

My most favourite places are the Tower of London, the South Bank, museums, cathedrals and the parks. Another of my favourite places is Westminster Abbey. I haven't really photographed this despite going to London alot, although you aren't allowed to take photos inside, or at least you weren't the last time I went in there (which was back in 2005). There is something awe inspiring about standing next to the tombs of Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots and of course the architecture is so amazing! Likewise it is an amazing feeling standing next to the tomb of Admiral Horatio Nelson in St Pauls Cathedral - so many historical and great people.

On a Sunday I love to take a walk down to Buckingham Palace. The Mall is closed off to traffic so you can really take a leisurely walk and maybe stop at St James Park to see the lake and the various birds as well as the squirrels, who seem rather tame.

One of the other things I love about London is all the street artists. From musicians to mime artists and illusionists - they really are quite amazing!

Then there are the "secret" out of the way places, but that's another story .... In the meantime, here is a slideshow of some of my pictures.

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