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Secret London

In April 2016 I travelled down to London to work with a small group of photographers on a night shoot of some of the back streets away from the tourist attractions. We travelled around London by taxi, starting at 9pm and ending at 6am in the morning. On a couple of occasions we were mistaken for paparazzi photographers by people walking by and who asked us who we were waiting for.

Old dockyard warehouses converted into apartments near Tower Bridge.

A narrow back street near the London Eye. This still has an olde worlde feel with the buildings and their square paned sash windows as well as the pub on the left.

An old Morris Minor parked near the London Eye. The brick work in the building behind the car gives you some idea of just how old these buildings are.

The above photographs were taken near St Paul's Cathedral. Again the square paned sash windows and the lantern over the front doors give an idea of the age of these buildings.

This old cobbled street is in Hackney.

With dawn almost here, this is one of the old Hugenot houses in Spitalfields not far from Christ Church. The colour and decay of the paintwork together with the rustic wooden shutters and door were quite fascinating to see.

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